Mission Statement

The Leader in Me School

We promote a culture of leadership through the use of The Leader in Me program. Students are encouraged to use their leadership skills in the classroom and through the school. Leadership skills are integrated into the curriculum as well.  Our hope is with the use of common language between school and home, students will be immersed in the 7 Habits which will build their comfort in being leaders. We have seen many students step into leadership roles since we began teaching with the 7 Habits. We hear conversations between students using the common language of the 7 Habits to benefit them out on the playground and in the building. Together we can encourage responsibility and leadership in our children.

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Community Connections

Stomp Out Bullying

Tanya Marushack of the Boys and Girls Club presented an anti-bullying message to our students on October 2nd. Tanya showed 4th and 5th grade students a video created by middle school students.  K-3rd watched a McGruff the Crime Dog video modeling how bullying can happen with people you think are your friends. Both videos talked about how to stand up to those people that are bullying.

We know bullying is an issue everywhere, so students traced their footprints and signed them as a pledge to stomp out bullying. Students also wore blue shirts to support the day. We were excited to see so many students participate in the day.