Washington Elementary School Overview

When you walk into the newly constructed school building you will be welcomed by a positive, welcoming, learning environment. Our recently developed Mission Statement addresses what we provide for the students who attend Washington Elementary School, a safe, engaging, and inspiring learning environment which supports each and every student’s physical and mental wellness, and academic growth.   Our Vision Statement is the ‘why’ behind the actions of each and every staff member at Washington. Each and every student belongs at Washington Elementary School and develops the foundational skills, traits, and knowledge that empowers them to experience success today, tomorrow, and beyond. 

Originally built in 1880, Washington Elementary School operated as the city’s first public school. The original structure was constructed with stone prison quarry stone (Canon City Daily Record, August 4, 2019) and was considered one of the premier buildings of its time..  Open to students in 2020, the Washington Elementary School serves approximately 315 students in kindergarten through 5th grade.  Envisioned as a school for the community, our staff values partnerships with students and their families through events such as Open House, Bear Fun Run, Color Run, YETI Blossom Run, our annual sunset walk up Skyline Drive, family movie nights, our school carnival, candy bar BINGO night, making cards for Veterans, Gardening with Grandparents, and the Parent-Teacher Organization and School Accountability Committee.

As the second-largest elementary school in the city, Washington takes great pride in the gains our students make in literacy each year.  Every student, despite their performance level, receives interventions or enrichments during the unique “What I Need” or WIN time.  Title I and Special Education staff collaborate with classroom teachers to address each student’s needs.  Although we are still seeing the effects on student achievement from the school closures in early 2020, our students are experiencing tremendous growth because of their work and the efforts of their families and our staff.

After-school programs are an integral part of our commitment to the success of the whole student. Activities such as the 100 Mile Club, Battle of the Books, After School Sports, Yearbook, Student Counsel, and Safety Patrol provide our students with additional opportunities for involvement.  Students also participate in classroom jobs during the day and are able to apply to be Library Helpers, help deliver CareBear cupboard food to classrooms, and perform the daily announcements. 

Washington is a PBIS school. PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. During this transition, expectations have been created using common language throughout the school and the BEARS acronym was developed to include district skills and trait language into our school expectations. BEARS stands for Be Safe and Kind, Exhibit Excellence, Be Accountable, Be Respectful, and Seek Solutions. This type of proactive approach to behavior teaches students what is expected of them, and when they follow the expectations, they are rewarded. 


At Washington, we are excited to serve our students and families by providing the foundational skills needed to be successful today, tomorrow, and beyond.