Lincoln School of Science & Technology

Lincoln School of Science & Technology is a K-5 school that has a long history on Myrtle Avenue in Cañon City.  Originally known as Lincoln Elementary School, the school’s community made a decision to focus on science and technology approximately 10 years ago.  Our vision and mission statements are grounded in providing an education for students that is STEM-focused and empowering our students to embrace the traits and skills necessary for success in a changing world.  Student social-emotional and academic growth are top priorities.

Lincoln is a small two-track school where we pride ourselves on building and maintaining positive relationships with our students and their families.  We value transparency and communication with our school community.  Our PTO is an active part of Lincoln and is always supportive of staff and students.  The Discovery culture program has been in place for over two decades.  The program clearly defines our cultural expectations that both staff and students follow.  Working together to work through conflicts, solving problems in a proactive way, and communicating with one another are at the core of our Discovery approach.  A team of staff members, including the Principal, is responsible for supporting staff and students with a Restorative Practices approach to addressing discipline.

While the Lincoln staff focuses heavily on literacy instruction at the primary grade levels K-2, we utilize best-practices for both literacy and math at all grade levels.  Science and social studies are also part of our core curriculum.  Homeroom grade-level teachers successfully deliver engaging instruction that meets all of the Colorado Academic Standards.  Students also benefit from a robust offering of Life Skills classes.  Our physical education program keeps students moving with fun and engaging activities.  Music education is provided to all students while band is an option for 5th graders.  STEM class focuses on the design process in grades K-2 and engineering, robotics and programming in grades 3-5.  Finally, Science Studio provides students with a blended art and science experience that often involves the use of our greenhouse.

Our staff makes every effort to take care of students’ social-emotional needs through observation and collaboration with our full-time school counselor.  The counselor delivers weekly classroom instruction to all students in positive social skills as well as small-group and one-on-one instruction to meet students’ specific needs.  Lincoln houses the school district’s K-5 Significant Support Needs Special Education program.  The special education staff is well-known in the community for taking care of our special needs population.  We believe in including our special needs population in general education classes as much as is appropriate for their needs.  Lincoln students are known for being tolerant and accepting of their friends that are both similar and different from themselves.

Through the use of our academic and social-emotional programming, Lincoln School of Science & Technology is a great ambassador for our school district’s Core Beliefs!