Mountain View Core Knowledge School follows the identification process set up by the School District.  All 2nd graders are tested on the Cognitive Abilities Test (COGAT) in the spring and these scores along with a collected Body of Evidence are used to determine gifted identification.  In addition, any new students who have never been tested OR students recommended by staff or parents can also be tested in the October and February of each year. Music/Art/Dance identification is also available utilizing the District’s process.

In accordance with our Mission Statement, our first priority is to stimulate wonder and curiosity, engage the mind and promote vision and understanding of the world to all students.

Goals include giving students the opportunity to maximize their potential.  All staff at Mountain View are committed within their classroom to differentiate assignments, offer higher order thinking opportunities, develop a variety of ways for students to show learning/mastery, accelerate the pace of classroom learning when criteria is met and create pull-out groups to meet their advanced needs and interests. 

Advanced Learning Plans are developed every fall for the current school year.  Learning and Affective goals are thoughtfully developed for each student. Copies are provided for parent input and approval.  They are reviewed for attainment of goals at the end of each school year.

Identified GATE students have a weekly pull out time for enrichment activities with Ms. Lynn Martin. 

They specifically explore social/emotional issues, creative problem solving, complexity and leadership needs in these students.  We are also expanding ways to educate our parents of gifted children.

A “Parenting Gifted Children” class is offered through the District or at MVCKS.