Academic Letter Information

The CCHS Academic Letter is designed to celebrate and encourage student academic success.  All students meeting the requirements are encouraged to apply for this letter.  To qualify for a CCHS Academic Letter, each student must complete a school year at CCHS with a 3.7 or better grade point average.  Students MUST complete 5 credit courses per semester to be eligible for an academic letter.  Independent blocks and teacher assistant positions will rule a student ineligible for an academic letter.  At the beginning of a school year, a student may apply for the letter, which is a "double C" with a pin to denote academics.  Students receiving the academic letter will be able to pick up their letter at the beginning of the second quarter.  Seniors who earn the letter at the end of their senior year may pick up their letter one week after the conclusion of school.  After the initial letter is earned, the student may continue to earn straight gold bars for every academic year he/she continues to achieve the 3.7 GPA with a minimum of 5 credits per semester.

Please download the attached Academic Letter Application or see your counselor to verify your eligibility.

Academic Letter Application