Class of 2022

Class of 2022 - Welcome to your sophomore year! 

Now that you've completed your first year of high school, you may be feeling a little differently than you did this time last year. You might be feeling less nervous and more self-assured and some of you may even feel ready to take on the world! Regardless of how prepared you feel for the first day of classes, I hope you're open to a year of personal growth and exploration. 

As sophomores you'll be taking steps in honing in on your interests and looking at your post secondary options. You still have plenty of time before you begin making any big decisions, but this is when you'll really start to create some goals and begin working toward them. This can be really exciting, but I know it can be intimidating as well. Your counselors are here to help!

Most of you will remember being introduced to the concept of pathways last spring and choosing a pathway based on your interests and goals. In planning for your sophomore year, you were able to customize your schedule so you could take some courses that are specific to your pathway and your interests. This flexibility will allow you to begin to narrow down your list of post-high school education and career options. You'll explore these options further in your Capstone and Career Prep course. 

Another topic you'll tackle in that course is the capstone project. You'll be introduced to the why, the what, and the when behind this culminating project. In the meantime, feel free to explore the "Students" tab above to learn more or see Mrs. Geesaman with questions.

I hope you guys have a fantastic year and that you take advantage of the amazing opportunities CCHS has to offer!

Mrs. Geesaman  

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