Dress Code

Parents are responsible to make certain their child’s attire meets the code before they come to school. The goal of this dress code is to reduce the distractions and the competitive dress that often leads to bullying, to simplify the clothing attire expectations for parents and students, and to reduce the amount of time taken away from teaching in order to deal with clothing distractions. The ultimate goal of the MVCKS dress code is to allow the focus at school to be on learning in a safe environment. No student may knowingly wear an out-of-dress code piece of clothing with the intent of turning it inside out once at school and wearing it that way the rest of the day. No student will be allowed to wear clothing turned inside-out. Teachers, teacher assistants, and ultimately administrators will enforce the dress code. Failure to adhere to the dress code will result in consequences aligned in the MVCKS discipline matrix.


  • All shirts need to have an approved MVCKS logo on them ​except for solid-colored polos and
  • solid-colored sweaters or cardigans.
  • School activity shirts (Science Fair, Choir, Band, Field Day, etc.) may be worn on ​Thursdays only
  • School sports shirts (jerseys, hoodies, etc.) may be worn on ​game days.


  • Any plain, solid-colored slacks, jeans, or pants in good condition with no tears or stress marks.
  • No knit pants such as stretch pants, athletic/yoga pants, athletic shorts, leggings, or jeggings allowed.
  • Solid-colored culottes, skirts, or shorts if they are no shorter than 4” above the knee.


  • No open-toe, flip flops or beach sandals, slippers, or high-heels in elementary. Middle school students may wear heels that do not exceed 2 inches.
  • Middle School students may wear open-toed shoes with a back strap for safety purposes.


  • School-purchased hoodies or light jackets may be worn in the classroom as needed. Hoods may not be on heads in the building.
  • No hats allowed in the building unless needed for a medical purpose.
  • Winter coats must have an approved MVCKS logo on them to wear them in the classroom.


  • Hair must be a natural hair color, neat in appearance, and a non-distracting style that doesn’t cover the eyes. Hair accessories must be non-distracting.
  • Elementary may not wear makeup or body glitter. Middle school may wear subtle makeup only.
  • No visible body piercings other than the ears (no more than two per ear) or visible tattoos including rub-on, Henna, or writing/drawing on skin.

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