Our Mission

The Cañon City School District's vision continues to be Learning for life!

Because life is constantly changing, we're future-focused, providing innovative educational opportunities to successfully prepare all students to meet any challenge they may face.

Our core beliefs are the foundation on which we work.

  1. We meet the social-emotional needs of all students, putting Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs before Bloom’s Taxonomy.
  2. We believe learning growth matters most, requires risk-taking, and the work we do in our schools has the greatest impact on this.
  3. We’re future-focused, believing the development of certain traits and skills will best prepare our students for ever-changing careers.
  4. We emphasize what is good for kids over the needs and comfort of staff.

Our instructional staff adhere to our Three Pillars of Instruction ensuring each day to teach to a specific learning target that answers the questions who will do what, how, by actively engaging all students in every lesson, and by assessing whether learning of the target occurred and making instructional adjustments if it did not.

As outlined in our third core belief above, in Cañon City Schools we believe by developing in students the 7 key traits of knowledge, innovation, tenacity, agency, agility, civility, and integrity, and the 7 critical skills surrounding collaboration, communication, solution-seeking, contribution, reflection, empowerment, and leadership, each will be ready to face any challenge they may confront in an uncertain future.

By doing all this, the Cañon City School District is helping the Cañon City community to thrive through adventurous spirit, dynamic people, innovative schools, and historic charm.