District Safety Committee


The District Safety Committee (DSC) is a platform that allows representation from buildings and departments to come together to discuss district safety and security and recommend action as needed. They will also serve as a safety review board for incidents and recommend safety measures that will help prevent similar occurrences in the future. The DSC is comprised of CCSD staff members representing each building/department and a miriad of community parnters. The DSC meets once a month during the school year calls special meetings as needed. The DSC operates under the Operating Principles developed by its members. These include: Being Committed to Our Purpose, Open and Transparent Communication, Mutual Accountability and Belief in Getting Results.

23.24 District Safety Committee members are:

  • Access Center: Cody Dornhecker
  • Administration Building: Paula Buser, Kristen Solano
  • Canon City High School: Shane Thornton
  • Canon City Middle School: Kelly Cosper, Cortney Richardson
  • Canon Exploratory School: Shirlee Brule, Chris Collins, Jessi Hamilton
  • Harrison: Eddie Basham
  • Lincoln: Abe England, Gerrett Olguin
  • McKinley: Jessica Stevens
  • MVCK: Jody Enderle
  • Nutrition & Nursing: Janelle Grooms, Trish Sallie
  • Operations: Scott Morton
  • Technology: Juli Dickens
  • Transportation: Ron Cook
  • Warehouse: Ron Cook
  • Washington: Kyle Stevens
  • Community Partners: Canon City Fire Department, Pueblo Community College, Kindred Kids Child Advocacy Center, Canon City Police Department, Fremont County Emergency Management, St. Thomas More Hospital

Our District Safety Committee (DSC) meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month during the school year.

Cañon City Schools District Safety Committee

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To create a cooperative effort to communicate and promote safety, health and security in our workplace. We will jointly make recommendations for improvements regarding safety and work to detect and correct workplace hazards, reduce injuries, improve and sustain building security and increase overall safety awareness.

The DSC is comprised of staff members from all across the district who hold a number of different positions. The diversity of this group is what makes the DSC effective as we continue to enhance and unify our safety and security procedures through out the district. We encourage other staff members to communicate with their buildings DSC member regarding safety and security within their buildings.


This committee is comprised of a group of employees, law enforcement, community members and first responders who value the safety and well-being of our students, staff and facilities. They meet monthly throughout the school year to review and update existing plans and practices. This committee provides an effective way to improve safety behavior, performance and security in our schools with the established purpose to support:


The Building Safety and Emergency Response Teams (BSERT) are separate and different from the District Safety Committee although some staff members are on both. The BSERT is comprised of 5-8 building level members at each school and they work to reduce hazardous conditions, unsafe work practices, investigate safety and security concerns and are trained to act as their building’s emergency response team in the event of an emergency. The established purpose of the BSERT is:

To be responsible for working jointly with stakeholders at the building level to actively promote a safe and secure building environment for our staff and students as well as providing immediate response to a building emergency


One of the core elements of a successful school safety program is a strong communications system. In Cañon City we were able to combine grant funds and other resources to recently upgrade our radio communication system. Key personnel in every building are now equipped with state of the art radios to enhance their daily communications in their efforts to keep our schools safe and secure. Our radio interoperability with law enforcement also raises our ability to communicate quickly with first responders in the event of an emergency.


  • To support our schools and community in creating a safe, healthy, secure, and positive school climate for Canon City Schools staff and students.
  • To create a safe, healthy and secure environment for our students, staff and the public.
  • To develop a positive safety culture in which members care enough about each other, themselves, students and the community to commit to conducting our day free from injuries and illnesses and public hazards.
  • Create and maintain a school climate and learning environment that is safe for, respectful of, friendly toward and responsive to students, staff and families
  • Create a cooperative effort to communicate and promote safety, health and security in our workplace. We will make recommendations for improvements regarding safety and work jointly to detect and correct workplace hazards, reduce injuries and illness, improve and sustain building security and increase overall safety awareness.
  • According to the legislation, the purpose of the school safety team is to develop, foster, and maintain a positive school climate.