Transportation Department

School Bus Safety

Nationally there has been recent heartbreaking and tragic events that have occurred for school transportation industry, the students that are transported, and their loved ones.  Over 480,000 school buses nationwide transport students daily and although operators are consistently trained on safe loading and unloading procedures, they are unable to control other vehicles on the roadway. Please help us keep our kids safe by reviewing the one minute video and safety tips provided on the link below and don't hesitate to report unsafe or illegal actions you observe at or around bus stops.

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Our Mission... is to safely and efficiently transport the students of this district in support of curricular and extra-curricular activities. We provide maintenance support for all District Fleet vehicles. Additionally, we are committed to providing a safe and positive work environment for our employees.

Utilizing a staff of 22 drivers, 3 bus assistants, 1 mechanic and 3 administrative support personnel, we transport over 800 students every day. Our fleet logs over 232,000 miles every year. We also support over 600 field and activity trips every school year.

Our staff also provides all driver training and testing for our bus drivers and small vehicle driver training for our coaches, teachers, and staff who are involved in the transportation of students.