Our District Mask Policy

Face Mask

Face Mask Notice

​Cañon City Schools has considered guidance from Federal, State, and Local authorities, and as a result, the following is our mask policy as we prepare to welcome staff and students back into our buildings:

To understand our mask policy for the 21-22 school year you need to first be familiar with two terms, recommendation and requirement.    

recommendation is an action that is suggested.

requirement is an action that must be performed

As of this moment in time, the United States Centers for Disease Control is recommending, not requiring, mask-wearing for ALL individuals who work in or attend schools, when indoors, whether they are vaccinated or not.  

Once again, at this point in time, this is NOT a requirement. 

At the same time, the United States Centers for Disease Control is requiring mask-wearing for ALL individuals, whether they are vaccinated or not, when on public transportation. This requirement specifically includes school buses.

Our position in Cañon City Schools is to adhere to all federal requirements and to fully cooperate with local authorities when it comes to possibly abiding by federal recommendations.  

Please know the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Fremont County Department of Public Health and Environment CAN override the United States Centers for Disease Control’s recommendations by making them requirements if they deem it necessary, based on up to the moment local COVID outbreak conditions.  

Last year Cañon City Schools kept its doors open all year while adhering to all local requirements. For this school year, we intend to once again adhere to local requirements as they evolve. 

So at this point in time, the Cañon City School District is NOT requiring masks for individuals, be they vaccinated or not, in any instance other than when children ride our school buses. 

As we prepare for the new school year, we will post signs recommending, not requiring, mask-wearing for all individuals who enter our facilities.  Anyone who wishes to wear one will be welcome to do so.