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Reminders for Parents & Guardians - Campus Portal

​To help us prepare for 23-24 Pre-Registration in July, and to ensure a smooth online registration process, we are requesting that parents/guardians log into Campus Portal and do the following:

1. Double check Campus Portal username and passwords to use for Online Pre-Registration 23-24 in July. 

  • Do You Know Your Campus Portal Username and Password?  https://fremontre1co.infinitecampus.org/campus/portal/canoncity.jsp
  • Please log into your Campus Portal account.
    • If you are unable to log in because you forgot your username or password, please contact the school office or call 719-276-5727 for assistance. 
  • If you do not have a Campus Portal Account, you can sign up for one here: https://tinyurl.com/yw42efrb You will need to upload a picture/copy of your driver’s license for us to process your request.

2. Check to make sure your Information is up to date

Please log into your Campus Portal account: https://fremontre1co.infinitecampus.org/campus/portal/canoncity.jsp  and make sure the following information is up to date:

  • Email addresses
  • Household Phone numbers and Parent/Guardian phone numbers
  • Home Mailing Address

3. Pay Remaining Student Fees for 22-23 (Select the Fee button in Campus Portal)