What is Campus Portal for Students?

Students can download the Student App or access Campus Portal in a web browser that gives them information on:

  • Today - Assignments due today, due tomorrow, and a schedule list
  • Weekly Overview - Assignments for the week with a nice button to navigate from week to week.
  • Assignments - when they are due, missing
  • Grades - In-progress grades, final grades and assignment grades
  • Grade Book Updates  - Show recent scores and updates that the teacher has entered.
  • Attendance - Information on their attendance
  • Schedule - T1-T3, Q1-Q4 Schedule information
  • Reports - View transcripts and report cards
  • Message Center - Teacher messages, School Announcements, District Announcements, Inbox messages
  • More - Students can view (not edit) their address information, Demographic information, non household relationships, Family Contact information, Locker information, Important Dates, Permissions for Health, School website links
  • Settings - Control how they want to be notified (via text, phone, or email for Assignment scores, grade updates or attendance.