Teacher Induction/Teacher Development

Induction Mission Statement

Canon City Schools will attract, support and retain high quality teachers at all levels of their professional careers through sustained training and support.  Through our induction program we will create a collegial learning community that is committed to the ongoing growth of new and veteran teachers and the development of a successful learning environment for all students.


  • Provide a structure for systematic training and on-going support to ease the transition for early educators to the profession and veteran teachers new to the school district over the course of two to three years through instructional support, professional support, personal support and logistical support.
  • Maximize the retention rate of highly qualified teachers.
  • Promote a reflective culture on effective excellence in teaching, focused toward increased student achievement.
  • Implement orientation and support in order to understand district goals, curriculum, protocols, professional development and learning.
  • Build and support a collaborative collegial partnership among the entire professional district staff.
  • Design and support a structure for continuous professional development through in-services, coaching, modeling, and observing effective instruction.
  • Promote and model criteria for the Colorado State Model Evaluation System (RANDA).
  • Encourage and support the Mentors and their New/Veteran teachers.
  • Select qualified mentors through a rigorous process to ensure high-quality induction and mentoring of inductees.
  • Provide training for mentors as a component of the induction program.