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Educational Technology & Instructional Coaching Department

     Here are Cañon City Schools, we strongly believe in the following Core Beliefs:
  1. We meet the social-emotional needs of ALL students, putting Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs before Bloom’s Taxonomy.
  2. We believe learning growth matters most, requires risk-taking, and the work we do in our schools has the greatest impact on this.
  3. We’re future focused, believing the long-term development of certain traits and skills will best prepare our students for ever-changing careers.
  4. We emphasize what is good for kids over the needs and comfort of adults.

ETIC Vision

With the 4 Core Beliefs in mind, it is important to understand the mission of the Instructional Technology Department:

Cañon City School District students and staff will use technology tools to explore, communicate, collaborate, create, and learn concepts for lifelong success in an ever-changing world.

We also believe that the use of devices in the classroom must be purposeful, engaging, and rigorous.

District Calendar


Online Registration Opens for the 24-25 School Year

Start: Jul 15, 2024 End: Jul 26, 2024

Multi-Day Event

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Onsite Registration

Start: Jul 30, 2024 End: Aug 1, 2024

Multi-Day Event


New Staff Orientation

Start: Aug 1, 2024 End: Aug 2, 2024

Multi-Day Event


New Staff Orientation

Start: Aug 5, 2024 End: Aug 6, 2024

Multi-Day Event