Specific Academic Aptitudes

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Multiple pathways can lead to a determination of giftedness. While some qualitative and quantitative data are used as qualifying measures, additional data within the body of evidence are utilized to develop a student's learning profile of strengths and interests. This profile leads to the development of the ALP.

Ares of Giftedness: Specific Academic Aptitude

Content areas for specific academic aptitude include:  

  • reading
  • writing
  • math
  • science
  • social studies
  • world language

Two pathways may lead to identification in the are of a specific academic aptitude.

First, a student may score 95th percentile or above on one or more batteries of a cognitive test and demonstrate aptitude on two additional specific academic measures.

Second, a student may not score 95th percentile or above on a cognitive test. However a review team may determine a comprehensive body of evidence demonstrated gifted academic ability. Content-specific measurement tools to meet criteria for identification should include at least three or more measures from two different areas.

*We also take into consideration qualifying data