CCSD Student and Adult Mask Wearing Requirements

UPDATED FOR SUMMER 2021: Individuals 11 years of age and older who are not fully vaccinated must wear a face covering over their nose and mouth while in district facilities.


This is 20.21 school year guidance. This will be updated prior to the 21.22 school year


  • All adults and all students 5th grade and older are required to wear a cloth face covering over their nose and mouth while in ANY district facility. These must be worn indoors even when social distancing is occurring. It is an expectation that students come to school with a mask everyday.
  • K-8 Parents: Because of limited school resources, parents are expected to provide masks for their children. The school district will only provide 2 back up masks for K-8  students before parents are called to bring a mask. Students will not be allowed in the school until the parent arrives with a mask.
  • CCHS Parents: Students will not be issued a masks at the entrances. If a student forgets a mask they must report to the front security window where they are allowed to be given a total of 2 masks free of charge. Once students have received two masks, students will be charged $1.00 per mask for up to three masks. After being charged for three masks, students will have to go home to get a mask or wait outside the building until they are brought a mask by a family member.
  • K-4 Parents: K-4 students who experience multiple unexplained minor COVID like symptoms that resolve themselves within 48 hours, or an unexplained major symptom that resolves within 24 hours, will be allowed to return to school but must wear a mask at school following the onset of their symptom for up to 10 days.  If a child can not wear a mask safely, they may instead isolate at home for 10 days following the onset of symptoms. The Director of Student Support Services will work closely with the District Nurse, Public Health, and individual schools to communicate these timelines and requirements. 
  • ALL students Preschool - 12th grade must wear cloth face coverings over the nose and mouth when being transported in a school vehicle, unless the student has a documented health reason for not wearing a mask, or if they are unable to wear a mask safely without supervision.
  • ALL district staff must wear a mask at all times while transporting students.