Current CCSD Isolation and Quarantine Guidance: January 2022

Dear CCSD Parents and Guardians.

We have carefully considered the updated CDC guidance for COVID Responses, and are now moving to the reduced number of days recommended by the CDC for isolation of positive COVID cases and quarantine for close contacts. Below is an overview of the new guidance we will follow. Please continue to contact your school or so we can apply the appropriate guidance to each COVID event.

Positive Test Result For COVID:

Regardless of vaccination status, the individual will isolate for at least 5 days from onset of symptoms or date of test if asymptomatic. Date of symptom onset OR test day if asymptomatic is day 0. 

If an individual has no symptoms or their symptoms are improving we will allow them to return school on day 6 wearing a mask for days 6-10.  

If an individual still has symptoms on day 5, they are to contact their school and remain ISOLATED until symptoms improve. A mask will still need to be worn through Day 10 once they return.

If an individual can not wear a mask, they will be required to isolate for the entire 10 days.

Close Contact:

For close contact quarantines, you will see that we're keeping it simple, whereas the CDC is recommending a more complex set of stipulations that are built upon knowing everyone's vaccination status and timeframes of vaccinations/boosters. Doing such a thing would be an impossible task for our district so we will be implementing the same protocol regardless of vaccination status. 

Regardless of vaccination status, if a close contact is asymptomatic, not living in the same household as the person they were exposed to and will have no further contact with the positive case, they can return to work/school with a mask for 5 days after the last date of exposure in lieu of quarantine. If the close contact experiences symptoms, they are to quarantine at home for at least 5 days and we recommend testing. The last day of contact with the positive case will be counted as Day 0 when counting the 5 days.

Household Close Contacts: 

Regardless of vaccination status, cases when close contacts are living with a positive case in their household will be handled on an individual basis depending on ability to isolate and may be referred to Public Health.