Introduction of SchoolNow to Parents and Guardians

Schoolnow Notifications and Communications

Please read carefully! This is the starting point of Cañon City Schools implementing additional products with SchoolNow, a new system that makes it simple for you to receive school information.  You will also be able to communicate with your child's instructors (coming fall 2024).

What has changed?

  • We are moving away from Infinite Campus Messaging starting July 2024 and will be utlizing our SchoolNow Website system platform which now has an app and school notifications feature.
School Now App link to download
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What does this mean for our parents and guardians?

Parents and Guardians are advised to use the following apps for the 24-25 school year:
  • Campus Portal App: You still need to use the Infinite Campus Portal App. We wish there was one app for everything, but there isn't. The Infinite Campus Portal App is required for student schedules, grades, fee payments, calendars, forms, registration, and updating contact information.
  • SchoolNow App: Pulls information from our Websites, News and Updates, Alerts, Sends Messages to your voice, text and email notifications and messages from the school and district. School Now uses data from our Student Information System Infinite Campus to send your important information about your child. (failing grades and missing Assignments messages, attendance, behavior and general messages from your childs school).

    Download the app now. We will be rolling out new features inside the app over the coming months.